tentang Cik Noniey


Name : Nur Syafiqah Bte Mohd Rashid.
Nick Name  : Noniey (Nama glamour) puiihhh !!!
D.O.B  : 27/Nov/1992
P.O.B : Lumut,Perak (tapi hospital ni dah roboh :p)
age : 21 years dan semakin muda. haha.
sex : Pondan ! Female ofcoz. hehe..
religion: Islam/Melayu
hobby: Makan & Tidur,Berphotoshoot,Swimming, Melalak a.k.a karaoke. and bla... bla... bla....
Fav Food : Eat Everything. hahaha!.
Status: Taken By Anak Sanusi :D
Siblings : Number 6 from 9 :D

p/s: i make this blogger to share what i feel, what i have. what i do.just like a diary. the sharing diary :) some people more like to typing then writing. haha. and i'm sharing this blog with my beloved love Khairul Nizam Sanusi <3 don'y follow me if you don't like. don't be a parasite in my blog. but,if you like. don't forget to follow after read my blogger :) thank you !